Triadikas, The Bespoke Digital Architecture and Design Marketplace Created by Entrepreneur Miguel Montañez is Launched

For those who seek to take advantage of the options that technology has to offer, looking at digital and online marketplaces as a proven way to take control of your choices has become an ever popular trend.

Entrepreneur Miguel Montañez, who is the mastermind behind one of southern Mexico´s highest ranking developments – Tapiola® - and also the CEO of Miidz® a super app that connects all aspects of a city´s e-commerce seamlessly, creating and launching a bespoke digital architecture and design marketplace was a clear move forward.

Miguel is regarded as a man who has caught the attention of the international business community, not only due to his stellar track record as one of Mexico’s most successful real estate developers and investors, but also because of his unwavering commitment to the enhancement of people’s lives through technology and modernization is Miguel Montañez.

Throughout his career, Mr. Montañez has been the driving force behind many of his country´s most iconic real estate developments, particularly in the sunny Yucatan peninsula.

The ability to positively impact those around him has always been a way of life, and as he continues his noteworthy expansion in the real estate division of his business, he is also investing much of his time, effort and resources into the creation of a new structure for how technology companies work in his state and city, something that is going to positively impact many lives.

Now, by launching, Montañez and his partners are betting on the new normality. Where architects and designers from around the world have the ability to upload and sell their creations – everything from the blueprint of an entire house, to the design sketch for a single piece of furniture – in a seamless and intuitive way.

Triadikas is by nature, a way of democratizing access to the highest quality work, enabling customers to accomplish that which seemed impossible before, acquiring creative masterpieces with only a couple of clicks.

This bespoke marketplace brings together creators and clients from all walks of life providing common ground and a technologically advanced infrastructural framework that is successfully revolutionizing electronic commerce in the architectural realm.

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