MAKING IT OR FAKING IT: One Key Difference

Its 10 pm and you´re getting ready to step out for a big night on the town;
You´ve had a very successful week; because as we know, success is a habit.
And one you have skillfully mastered.

So now, you call your mates and get ready to take the city by storm. As your driver opens the door for you to step into your ride and get going you pull out your mobile and start dialing, but while you make the first call a flashback enters your mind.

You remember the times when getting a premium table and VIP treatment at the hottest spots in town was something that required your time and energy. This very notion seems utterly foolish to you now. Of course, now you can get a front row ticket for the show everyone is waiting in line to see and step inside the venue just as the curtain is about to go up, like you own the place.

Now, you can get that last minute reservation that most people only dream about…every single night. Now, your name is at the top of the guest lists for all of London´s hottest parties, and that´s just the beginning. As you finish a quick conversation with your Innerplace Concierge, who helped you decide where to go and got you the best table available, you sit back and enjoy the ride knowing everything is taken care of and you can go back to doing what you do best: working hard and playing hard.

Innerplace offers different membership plans for a bespoke lifestyle experience and since its inception back in 2002; it has empowered its select customer base, providing unlimited insider access to a world of high grade adventures and experiences with none of the hassle while enjoying full discretion and fluidity.

You can leave the organizing to someone else, and only worry about what to wear as you get ready to savor some of the planet´s most exclusive delicacies and burn a hole in the dance floor of fashionable night clubs.

The key difference between making it and faking it is simplicity, you don´t need to go out of your way to create unique memories, for you it’s as easy as making a phone call.

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