Masterpiece Homes With Built-In Artwork

Art speaks. Art elevates. Art sells. But most importantly, art depicts an emotion, a feeling. And what better way to emote the feeling of luxuriousness than by experiencing artwork from the comforts of home. Simply put, by incorporating art into the structure of a house itself – through the building’s architecture, design flow and lighting ornamentations – is to seamlessly enhance, actually intensify, the interior vibe of an already exceptional grandiose home. It creates the most luxurious homey experience unto itself, and in a way, also serves as a quasi-tribute to the designing arts.

Peruse these distinctive residences that emanate a certain je ne sais quoi, and shamelessly share in some of the world’s famed home interiors. Adorned with exclusive craftsmanship, each individual home makes some wild architectural fantasies come true by incorporating the most distinctive architectural design details, opulent light fixtures and grand sculptures.

Architectural Design Details

Spiral Wood Staircase. These stairs are an eye-catching design that upstage the wall art by setting an elegant scene for design fluidity throughout this magnificent mansion. The staircase has a visual language of shape, form, color and line that speaks to the creation of a modern and cosmopolitan home.

Inscribed Sliding Doors. Can it get any more dynamic than these meticulously engraved interior doors?. Only if you open the doors and are then transported into this scene filled with artful delight.

Accent Ceiling. The view is not the only extraordinary art in this room. The triangular-shaped skylight makes this room unique and enhances its angular corners to provide a feeling of divine confluence. Where there is light, there is art.

Support Beams. The bronze columns and ceiling of clouds effortlessly breathe life into this room. You sense the time, effort and skill that went into their creation. The blending of the hard and soft harness nature and evoke an atmosphere that you, the dark wood and smooth marble will appreciate.

Stenciled Flooring. The detailed wood carvings and decorated floor showcase intricate design patterns and transform this space into a three dimensional work of art.

Built-In Headboard. This floor-to-ceiling Honduran mahogany headboard seamlessly blends into the same mahogany floors and creates a fluidity for your pleasant nightly dreams to continue throughout the day.

Ceiling Chandelier. This entire room is a work of art, especially the chandelier. From the extravagant light fixture to the oversized painting of the masked woman, to the white furnishings and bold red accent pieces, each and every detail is crafted to personify art. And also encapsulated in this extraordinary living space is the amazing view.

Ethereal Light Fixture. The gossamery light fixture provides this space with an out-of-thais-world luxury. And the textured walls further elevate that luxury.

Lighted Ceiling Mural. This ceiling mural is a masterpiece and creates the most harmonious living space.

Crystal Chandelier. This extravagant, white chandelier takes center stage. With no apologies.

Gilded Light Fixture. The gilded light fixture is the highlight of this extraordinary space. It makes an artistic statement all on its own that audacious designs have a place all their own.

Floor Sculptures

Floor Sculpture. Life-size monochromatic sculptures provide an elegance to a space unlike no other artwork.

Statement floor sculptures are taking a celebrated stand in today’s elegant home design.

These dramatic homes are not upstaged in any way by the commanding views, treasured wall art or display of rare antiques. Instead, the architectural elements of each home merely highlight such welcomed additions without downplaying any of the homes’ exquisite, avant-garde architectural features.
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