New Horror Film “Look Away” Will Take Your Halloween Month To The Next Level.

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Writer and Director Assaf Bernstein presents a visceral and honest tale of inner struggle, sexual desire, panic and adrenaline. “Look Away” is out now on theaters and in iTunes.

The film premiered on October 12 and quickly climbed iTunes rankings as audiences lost themselves in the story of Maria (played by India Eisley) a lonely teenage girl, who faces turmoil after her inner twin, named Ariam, manifests and takes part in helping her command her life.

“Look Away” shocks viewers by confronting them with their own inner demons and making them experience a joyride through darkness that will definitely be remembered long after the viewing.

Actor Jason Issacs (who plays Maria´s plastic surgeon father) affirms: “It´s that part of all of us that we live with all day every day where we think, finally, I can say this thing to that person, why don´t I just take that and smash it on his head.”

The movie has faced some backlash from social media giant Facebook, which deemed some of its content too graphic and sexual for its platform.

Check out the official trailer and step into a journey through fear unlike anything you´ve seen before.

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