The Millionaire Student Takes Staples Center

Today, the resources to become “self-made” are endless thanks to social media and the Internet. Though for Johannesburg, South Africa native Sashin Govender, he got his start at the tender age of two when his parents separated and as a result started to introduce him to books, courses and seminars on self-improvement.

Fast-forward 22 years later and Sashin is now known as The Millionaire student—a motivational speaker, touring internationally, sharing his story and inspiring others to achieve their goals. Coming from a city where the average monthly income is $200, to say Sashin has surpassed his potential is an understatement. Despite coming from a broken home, his family taught him how to harness his mind and emotions and use them to fuel his aspirations. These days he spends his time mentoring and speaking at corporate events, one on one consultation, and business sales training workshops. He speaks from experience, encouraging people not to allow their disadvantages to dictate their future. Life’s work has become to help people advance from where they are to where they deserve to be.

Though social media and the Internet now play an integral part in his business, it’s not what made him. He thanks his self-taught education for his success after years of refining his self-development and coaching skills all with the end goal of being able to teach others. Along the way he even spent time as a mentee under Tony Robbins and in turn was able to work with celebrities like AKON, Jordan Belfort and Soulja Boy.

This past weekend Sashin spoke to a crowd of 12,000+ at Los Angeles’ Staples Center where attendees ranged from 18 to 50+ years old. And though he’s young, his message speaks to more than just a youth demographic. In fact, his keynote speeches and seminars have been translated into over 15 different languages.

Next on Sashin’s agenda are Greece and Ireland where he’ll speak to 2000 people in Athens at the beginning of May and over 10,000 people in Dublin in the first week of June.

The core of Sashin’s principle is simple—to impart and teach others what he knows so that they, too may surpass society’s meek expectations.

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