Alshair Fiyaz Is Committed To The Development Of Green Cities

It´s no secret that sustainable city planning is the way of the future and for visionary investor and philanthropist Alshair Fiyaz, the future is now.

Copenhagen has emerged as a leader in sustainability thanks to projects like the recently announced Bellakvarter neighborhood, which aims to become a community hub that will group residential, business and leisure spaces in a state of the art, wind powered development that will serve to reduce reliance on traditional power plants while providing privileged spaces to residents and visitors.

By using sustainable energy, the new neighborhood in the lively Scandinavian city will effectively reduce environmental pollution and waste through green housing, setting the precedent for the entire construction industry with a successful eco-housing model, fit for one of the most progressive and environmentally advanced cities in the world.

For Fiyaz, the Bellakvarter project is an exciting addition to an already impressive set of acquisitions in Denmark, which includes Copenhagen’s preeminent shopping center Magasin Du Nord, the Scandinavian retailer Illum, the Bella Sky Hotel, and the Marriott Copenhagen.

The new neighborhood, conveniently located around the Bella city center in Copenhagen, Denmark will be powered entirely by wind turbines expected to generate 1.2 million kw of power per year.

Projects like these serve the planet as much as they serve residents and community members, with noteworthy people like Alshair Fiyaz making a mark on global sustainable development standards, a new era of leadership in environmentally conscious initiatives is now a vibrant reality.

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