How Millennials Are Buying Products In Bulk And Investing Their Savings.

It is no secret that millennials have their own way of doing things, often looking for alternatives to the status quo and making their own lifestyle and investment choices.

For this generation´s cannabis consumers, there is a new platform that has been disrupting the legal cannabis industry and allowing its customers to reap the rewards.

Splitbud is a technology platform that leverages the power of the community to negotiate major discounts for its customers, when buying in bulk, users can save up to 65%.

Frequent users have quickly realized the savings offered by Splitbud can be used for a myriad of other purposes, and many millennial consumers have decided to save and invest their savings towards property rentals, mortgage payments and other real estate related ventures.

This is a vivid example of how a generation that lives by its own rules has changed the age old paradigm and is comfortable taking control of their purchasing habits.

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