What Home Buyers Are Looking For In Luxury Homes In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small tropical country with postcard perfect views, abundant wildlife, gorgeous birds, and iconic blue morpho butterflies. Costa Rica is nestled between the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea which frame in the lush rainforests, the mystical cloud forests, and the dramatic mountains. The numerous volcanos and the countless waterfalls inspire the imagination, and the pristine idyllic beaches motivate the adventurist, and soothe those looking for ultimate relaxation. Costa Rica is celebrated for its progressive political environmentalism, and is home to some of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet.

It should then, come as no surprise, that those looking to own their own piece of paradise are looking to experience as much of the unmatched tropical exuberance as possible when buying a luxury home in Costa Rica.

Open concept living areas with a strong indoor-outdoor connection are the trend in this marketplace. Floor to ceiling glass walls, retractable glass indoor-outdoor partitions, and unobstructed flow from the inside living spaces to the outdoor entertaining spaces is a must. Many luxury home buyers are attracted to a mix of natural stone and exotic wood finishes that blur the lines between the traditional interior and exterior of the home. Creating an interior design with mixed natural materials brings the outside in, and enhances the overall experience of living in paradise. A combination of natural light and neutral color palettes flowing seamlessly from each area of the home, contrasted by the rich and dramatic colors of the tropical flora and fauna are the perfect backdrop to create a space perfect for relaxation and entertaining.

In Costa Rica, a strong emphasis is placed on the outdoor living and entertaining areas. Outdoor kitchens, multi-level decks, natural stone and coral surfaces, accent lighting, and plenty of seating is in strong demand. Infinity pools with various depths and easy access to a cool beverage makes for the perfect way to enjoy a relaxed day, or to take in a stunning sunset.

Luxury homes often boast a minimalistic number of high-quality furnishings, often hand crafted in local exotic woods such as Guanacaste, iron wood, purple heart, and teak. Quartz and marble countertops, high-end appliances and a high-volume wine fridge are a staple in most luxury estates.

There is a popular and welcomed movement amongst several of the best-known luxury architects to create spaces that encourage and enhance a sense of wellbeing in every room of the house. Bedrooms are design for comfort and relaxation, and should have easy access to outdoor spaces, private and inviting baths, and spacious closets. The master bedrooms should include secluded outdoor living spaces which are separate from the rest of the guests, and make it easy to take in the incredible vistas that Costa Rica is known for. Even the bathrooms should have a wonderful view, and should create a spa-like experience by maximizing the indoor-outdoor experience without sacrificing privacy. Outdoor showers are a wonderful way to start or end your day in paradise.

Accessibility, convenience, and quality create a quiet and subtle luxurious environment, rather than a stark and opulent fortress-like structure. We have such beautiful landscapes in all of Costa Rica, and the most discerning home owners want to celebrate the authentic and natural beauty that exists here. The locals have a word for it. It is called “Pura Vida” or pure life, and the most luxurious homes are a testament to this way of life.

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