Three Tips to Transform your Room on a Budget

We all love a good bargain, right? I know I do!

I guarantee that we have all found ourselves scrolling through Pinterest looking for room inspo, and what I have learned in my lifetime is that things do not need to be expensive to look good!

Here are three tips that are going to help you save money, and transform your room into a beautiful sanctuary!


Op shops, op shops, op shops!

The amount of incredible things I have found in op shops would honestly blow your mind. From antiques, candles, furniture, wall hangings, mirrors, and that’s only to name a few!

The amount of times I have walked into an op shop promising myself I am not going to buy anything and have walked out with 20 things I probably didn’t need is a lot! But everything I find, I still treasure to this day!

Not only is everything super affordable but it also all has a story behind it, plus many op shops profits are directly donated to charity, we love that!



Not only is this super affordable but also something to treasure and be proud of! One of my favourite DIY ideas is one that my Mum is incredible at, driftwood jewellery hangers!

Its really fun and easy, and so pretty and useful! All you need is a reasonably straight piece of driftwood, twine, and some small flat head nails!


Evenly space out the nails and hammer them in, but not completely - as you need to leave room for your necklaces and things! Then get two super long pieces of twine for each end of the wood, and securely knot and wrap the twine around each end until it’s all secure!

Then leaving about 40cm of un wrapped string on each end, tie them both together and hang it on your wall with your beautiful jewellery on it!

Another one of my favourite DIY creations is the “crate bed” the explanation is basically in the name, all you need is a bunch of old crates! (hardware stores or factories usually give them away once they are done with them!)

Lay out as many as you need to fit the size of your bed, and pile them up as high as you like! It looks awesome and also allows your bed to breathe!


Local markets!

I absolutely love shopping at markets, not only do I aways find such beautiful items, but it also supports local businesses!

I have found so many mandala wall hangings, trinkets, dreamcatchers, crystals, and so much more.

I hope this info saves you all some dollars and makes your room more peaceful and beautiful than ever!

Written by Aleisha Malcolm

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