In the Mystical Mayan Territories of the Yucatan ´Paradise´is Spelled: Xcanatún

Hacienda Xcanatún by Angsana in Merida, Yucatan.

The true meaning of luxury encompasses much more than worldly comforts, it describes an ideal state of mental and emotional connection with ourselves, nature and our surroundings. Luxury is in fact peace of mind, abundance, but above all: joy.

As the world continues adapting to ´the new normal´, avid travelers are eager to reach new destinations, leaving behind the worries and pressures of every day life. However, most of us don´t know where to go…after lockdown, we must be reminded of the adventures we seem to have left behind. In the heart of the Yucatan, and only 25 minutes away from Merida international airport (MID) we discovered a privileged colonial oasis where the soothing sound of palms and ceiba trees cradles visitors. A place ripe with cultural heritage and magical surroundings where one can feel at ease and free.

Hacienda Xcanatún by Angsana has gained widespread attention amongst travel and lifestyle aficionados, not only because of the historical glory and laid back environment that this privileged property boasts, but also because of the world class service that even the most discerning travelers can expect upon checking into this tropical paradise.

It should come as no surprise that this spot is the preferred getaway for A-list celebrities, like Billboard® award winning singer, songwriter, producer and philanthropist: AKON, who recently enjoyed a rejuvenating getaway in this unique luxury resort; Hosted by Alesh Ancira, chief executive of global boutique communications and strategy firm The Eclectic Agency, who is proud to call Yucatan his home.

Akon, Alesh and Patricia Ancira at Hacienda Xcanatún by Angsana in Yucatan.

The experience travelers can expect is not easy to describe. Upon arrival, one gets the feeling of returning to a friend´s home, where everyone greets you with a sincere smile and the desire to exceed your expectations. From Salvador and Jair at the entrance, to Waded who makes the check in process seamless and relaxed; All the way to Carlos and Javier at the restaurant, everyone at this utopic getaway is devoted to making guests feel appreciated.

At Hacienda Xcanatún, one will be able to experience culinary excellence through a painstakingly crafted menu that draws its inspiration from local cuisine, which has been globally celebrated while including international elements, crafted cocktails, scrumptious desserts and an outstanding selection of beverages and snacks.

If you stay at the Yaab Governor Pool Suite you will enjoy ultimate privacy and a seductive private pool housed inside a beautiful traditional structure, with generous spaces and world class amenities. The best of both worlds. The traditional hacienda scenery perfectly blends with the ultra-premium comforts of a select luxury resort. And while you might

enjoy connecting with nature during the day, at night the oversized smart TV, private tub and complimentary high speed wifi will keep you relaxed. The property´s enhanced disinfection and cleaning protocols go above and beyond, guaranteeing every guest´s safety at all times.

Common areas at Hacienda Xcanatún by Angsana.

While Yucatan is widely recognized as one of the most attractive destinations in the world, it is not always easy to find a world class spa. But selective travelers need to look no further, as the pristine environment and expert therapists at Xcanatún have the ability to provide the ultimate healing rituals in accordance with international standards.

One thing is certain beyond a reasonable doubt, if you´re looking for a space to call your own, this is the right choice.

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