4 Signs that You Need A New Roof: Expert Roofer Micah McQueen Explains

Micah McQueen is Vice President of Priority Roofing, an American roofing company. He joined the company five years ago, and has played an integral role in its expansion. Here he shares 4 signs to look for that signal that you likely need a new roof.

Every year in the United States, approximately 3,000 roofs collapse, posing significant risk to people and property. Micah McQueen, Vice President of Priority Roofing, an American roofing company, shares that there are numerous things that can lead up to a roof collapsing, such as being weighed down by heavy rain or snow or loss of structural integrity from age, poor maintenance or some form of damage.

With storms and extreme weather conditions in full swing across the country, it is every homeowner's responsibility to do what they can to best prepare. McQueen, an expert in this field, shares 4 signs that indicate that you likely need a new roof:

1. Roof shingles are falling off or curled up at the edges.

As a roof ages, its shingles eventually become worn and can develop cracks on the surface. Cracks allow water to seep in resulting in damage to the underlayment, decking, and even damage in the attic area.

If your home is newer and you notice curling shingles, it often means there's an attic ventilation issue. Either way, curling is a sign that it's time for a roof replacement. Thankfully, your insurance should be able to cover the cost.

“One thing that a lot of homeowners don’t know is that if they pay insurance premiums, a part of their contract with their insurance company is that if there is a hail or windstorm and shingles are blown off or damaged, the insurance company is responsible for bringing their roof back to its pre-storm conditions,” McQueen explains.

2. You notice leakage.

If you see water spots on your ceiling or walls, or wet roof decking in your attic, these are signs that there are cracks in your shingles.

“Water leaks are not always immediately apparent,” McQueen explains. He emphasizes that it can be tough to identify from where exactly a leak originates. “The infrared inspections that Priority Roofing provides can pinpoint the location of any moisture penetration in your roof.” Infrared inspections can effectively identify potential leakages before significant damage occurs, saving you from a lot of hassle and repair costs.

3. Your roof looks old or worn.

If your roof is losing its color, has dark areas or moss growing on it, these are signs that it's time for a replacement.

According to Roof Advisor, the material your roof is made with can significantly impact when you need to get it replaced. If your roof is made with:

● composition shingles, replacement is recommended every 12-20 years;
● asphalt shingles, replacement is recommended every 15-30 years; and with
● wood shingles, replacement is recommended every 20-25 years.

For more information regarding the expected replacement age of your roof, click here.

4. You don’t remember the last time your roof was checked.

The suggestion is that if you don’t remember the last time you got your roof inspected, chances are you are due for a new roof.

“I owned a number of different houses before I ever got into the roofing industry. To be honest, I never once thought about checking the roof,” McQueen shares. “A vast majority of homeowners never get up on their roof, and of the few that do, most have trouble recognizing when there is a problem.”

As a homeowner, the integrity of your roof is not always a top priority, but it definitely is at Priority Roofing. If you are located in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Tyler, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, California, or Denver, a Priority Roofing representative will check your roof for free.

McQueen re-emphasizes the importance of professional inspections, “If homeowners would regularly inspect their roofs and knew how to recognize developing problems, it would not be important for us to go to them. They would come to us. Since roofs are seldom inspected by homeowners, it becomes important to have a professional inspect the roof.”

“There are a lot of homeowners that have roofs that are either leaking, are in danger of leaking, or the roof integrity has been compromised, and they don’t know what signs to use to identify these issues. Most often their insurance company would be responsible for either the repairs or a new roof. If we don't go out there and offer free inspections, they will never know,” he concludes.

If you would like to learn more about Micah McQueen or Priority Roofing, visit their website and see how they can serve you today!

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