"White Rock" Residence Overlooks a Lush Valley in Nova Scotia

Architect Omar Gandhi looked to create a “serene woodland retreat” when designing this home in the Gaspereau River Valley, Nova Scotia.

Named “White Rock”, the residence is set at the top of steep rocky cliff and looks out across a location known for its farming communities, apple orchards, and vineyards. With all that in mind, the area was the perfect choice for the restful space Gandhi was looking to create. “Our project was born from the aspiration to create a serene woodland retreat, a meditative escape,” he said. “We embraced a unique approach, blending craft, design, texture, and light variation to evoke an aura of mystery and darkness.”

Indeed, those inspirations are evident when you tour through the house. Its austere exterior based on that of old hunting cabins and sees corten steel combined with wooden cladding. On the inside, though, it is a different story. Aesthetics are kept raw, with smoked oak and steel used to create fixtures and fittings, but lighting is dim – creating a luxurious feel.

“We wanted to evoke an aura of mystery and darkness

The first floor houses bedrooms and a bathroom, with large picture windows looking out onto the forest surroundings. The second floor plays host to a huge window encased in a cantilevered corten steel hoop, allowing visitors a space to sit and get lost in the view. Furniture pieces dotted around the space include an antique Arne Norell lounge chair and designs by Luca Nichetto and Montauk.

The jewel in the house’s crown is accessed through roof hatch. Up here, a “secluded haven” has been created with Japanese maple trees, and offers spot for alfresco dining. dining and relaxation, providing panoramic views of the Gaspereau Valley’s lush tree canopy. “We wanted to evoke an aura of mystery and darkness complemented by delightful surprises and breathtaking views of the forest and valley beyond,” Gandhi added.

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