Abbyson Home: Transforming Homes with Luxury and Style

Enter Abbyson Home.

Furniture. It’s more than just a functional part of our daily living. It’s an extension of ourselves and our family. It must be hearty to withstand the rigors of life, kids, pets, and entertaining. It’s a large part of how you show your personality and pamper yourself in your home. It reveals your unique style. The look, feel, and comfort of any piece of furniture are elements paramount to a perfect dining room or bedroom set. No one takes the acquisition of a new sofa or desk lightly. You seriously consider, ponder, and weigh your purchase based on the aesthetics a piece of furniture can bring to your living space, as well as its price point. You even scrutinize accents, like pillows and rugs, to determine if they’re the right size, shape, and color. With all that riding on the decision to purchase furniture, you must have confidence in the company manufacturing your choices.

Abbyson Home features living, dining, and bedroom furniture, along with office and outdoor living pieces, designed and manufactured with form, function, fashion, and family in mind. Abbyson Home brings its top-notch furniture to you at with their quality direct-to-consumer website. Abbyson Home selections can accommodate any space, from a small studio apartment to an expansive estate.

Family is the lynchpin of this award-winning home furnishings company. Abbyson Home knows buying a new piece of furniture is like bringing home a new family member. That’s why it considers customers, as well as employees, an extension of its family. Founder and Executive Chairman Abby Rafieha started his company in 1989 after traveling the world to find inspiration for home décor. His three sons, President and CEO Yavar Rafieha, Chief Operations Officer Doddy Rafieha, & Chief Sales Officer Rodd Rafieha currently run the business, keeping the thirty-year legacy thriving for the present and future Rafieha generations.

The family continues to grow the business with the recent launch of the JoJo Fletcher x Abbyson Home. The collaboration between like-minded furniture aficionados gives consumers countless options of look, design, and style. Influencer JoJo Fletcher’s line comprises high-end products that typically are only available to retailers through wholesale. From supple, rich leather to soft, cozy fabrics, the Luxury Cloud Seating sofas, loveseats, chairs, and sectionals in the JoJo Fletcher collection make it so you can customize your furniture according to your space. You’ll love the removable and reversible cushions and conveniently located clips in the modular options to reshape your pieces to suit whatever occasion. Don’t fret over spills, either, because the stain-resistant, water-repellent fabrics hold up against life’s mishaps.

To further entice furniture connoisseurs, Abbyson Home takes a thinking-outside-the-box approach with its highly successful Membership feature. Becoming a part of the Abbyson Home family gives members an additional 25% savings off all purchases. For an annual low cost membership fee, you can own your selections from the JoJo Fletcher collection or any Abbyson Home item with the discount, free standard shipping, top-notch customer service, and more to come.

Abbyson Home takes furniture buying to a whole new level with its vast array of offerings, allowing buyers to check all the boxes on their furniture purchasing list. Convenience, comfort, style, and superior quality may seem like a lot to expect from a home furnishings company. But the Abbyson family has not wavered from the foundation and the mission their father started over thirty years ago. High-end, sturdy, beautiful furniture can be affordable. Explore the wide selection of products at and discover a new cherished item to add to your home and family.

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