Dubai Unveils One Za'abeel: A New Architectural Marvel and Gateway to the City

Dubai continues to redefine its skyline with the completion of One Za'abeel, a groundbreaking development by Japanese design firm Nikken Sekkei. Situated near Dubai International Airport, One Za'abeel stands as a testament to Dubai's relentless expansion and innovation, serving as a welcoming beacon to the city's visitors.

This architectural wonder comprises two soaring towers connected by The Link, a spectacular horizontal bridge that boasts the world's longest cantilever, stretching 230 meters in length and suspended 100 meters above ground. Offering panoramic 360-degree views, The Link is not only a visual masterpiece but also an engineering feat designed to enhance structural safety and counteract wind effects.

Spanning an impressive 530,000 square meters, One Za'abeel introduces a vibrant new district to Dubai, blending residential, commercial, and leisure spaces. The development is home to an array of amenities including upscale dining, retail outlets, cutting-edge workspaces, and luxurious hotel accommodations. Noteworthy among its offerings is the One&Only's first urban resort, featuring 94 Private Homes, and the debut hotel of the avant-garde SIRO brand.

In addition to its architectural and commercial allure, One Za'abeel prioritizes green spaces and outdoor leisure. Visitors are welcomed by an oasis of greenery, with shaded walkways leading to urban parks, a children's playground, and a serene garden pool, ensuring a harmonious blend of urban living with natural elements. One Za'abeel stands as a symbol of Dubai's visionary approach to urban development, promising to be a premier destination for both tourists and residents alike.

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