4 Reasons Why PERGOLUX is The #1 in Outdoor Pergola Design

Outdoor pergolas have graced backyards and gardens for thousands of years, with their open-air style offering shelter and inviting outdoor living spaces. Pergolas, seen in ancient Roman and Greek architecture, are open-roofed structures where vines or branches can grow overhead.

Today, the pergolas’ timeless aesthetic and function are seeing renewed popularity as backyards evolve into personalized oases. More people want outdoor pergolas for living projects. They offer covered spaces for relaxing and entertaining, meeting the rising demand.

Norway-based firm PERGOLUX has firmly established itself as an innovative leader in contemporary outdoor pergola offerings. On one side, where big box stores sell basic pergola kits, PERGOLUX offers premium solutions with high-quality materials and Scandinavian design. This attracts many customers.

“We’re an honest bunch of young professionals trying to make people’s outdoor dreams a reality,” says Tim Heneveld, Managing Director of PERGOLUX North America. “With a focus on customer service and value, we’ve seen incredible demand for our award-winning pergolas.”

From Standardized Kits to Customizable Backyard Havens

Unlike generic gazebo kits, PERGOLUX outdoor pergola is designed for easy home assembly while offering personalized upgrade options. Their best-selling PERGOLUX Pergola kit takes mere hours to install yet allows customization with lighting, fully integrated glass walls and screens.

“We’ve mastered the art of providing standardized outside pergola kits that can transform into customized backyard havens,” Heneveld explains. “Our upgrades make entertaining, dining, or simply relaxing outside a joy, not a chore.”

This balancing act between simplicity and flexibility has struck a chord with over 25,000 happy customers. It also enables competitive pricing despite PERGOLUX’s focus on premium construction.

Their Commitment to Quality and Service

Constructed from powder-coated aluminum instead of wood, PERGOLUX outdoor pergola is low-maintenance and weather-resistant. Their kicking integrity and corrosion resistance come backed by warranties of up to 10 years. Meanwhile, customer service reps are available 12 hours a day to provide support by phone or email.

“We stand behind our products 100% and take pride in guiding customers through the process from purchase to assembly,” says Heneveld. “We’ll continue pushing ourselves to not just meet but exceed expectations.”

Scandinavian Design for the American Lifestyle

Scandinavian design is known for its simple, warm, and minimalist style that works well with both classic and modern buildings. PERGOLUX taps into this timeless aesthetic for products suited for American yards. “We leverage Scandinavian principles focused on nature, simplicity, and quality of life to create outdoor living solutions ideal for the U.S. climate,” Henveeld explains.

Warm-weather spaces like California, Florida, and Texas make up significant markets for PERGOLUX. Their durable aluminum assembly also enables snow loading, allowing pergolas from Maine to Alaska.

PERGOLUX combines worldwide design ideas with local building knowledge to make outdoor dreams come true in America.

The Future of Outdoor Pergola

With recent trends centered on sustainability and integration with kitchens and dining areas, easy-to-install PERGOLUX kits align with consumer demand. Their livable yet low-maintenance pergolas check the boxes for wellness and convenience.

“We expect continuous innovation in areas like smart home technology, customized fabrication, and eco-friendly materials over the next decade,” projects Heneveld. “It’s an exciting time to enhance how people extend their living spaces.”

Judging by their first two years serving the U.S., PERGOLUX looks poised to continue leading American backyards into that future. Their understanding of consumer needs, paired with a commitment to quality, suggests more and more homeowners will soon look to Norway when upgrading their outdoor oasis.

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