Lucinda Loya: Interior Designer Takes A Staircase To Visionary Heaven

Globally renowned Lucinda Loya's eclectic high-end style is celebrated in her latest project, Enchanted Roots, as part of this year's Kips Bay New York Show 2024. She and her design team at Lucinda Loya Interiors were challenged to transform two spaces at the Upper East Side townhouse, which this year doubles as the nation's annual design event.

Where Art and Sophistication Intersect

Lucinda's "couture interiors" have transformed a Grand Staircase and Powder Room, offering dramatic contradictions of texture, pattern, and color, cleverly paired with fine art, accessories, and antiques. She has weaved a poetic sense of character and individuality through every space in a fusion of art, history, nature and modern design in a beautiful, storied aesthetic.

On the Grand Staircase, visitors witness a stunning "Ripped" rug from LLI's upcoming 2025 collection with The Rug Company. The backdrop is adorned with custom wallpaper in collaboration with Flavor Paper, featuring a collage of 19th-century etchings that create a unified perspective.

Ascending, visitors are greeted by a tranquil waterfall, leading to the landing adorned with large-scale custom cornices and alpaca drapery crafted by The Shade Store using Sandra Jordan's luxurious fabrics.

The highly detailed design extends to the main powder room on the second floor dressed in Loya's "Rift" wallpaper, a new design in collaboration with Flavor Paper, inspired by runway fashion and Lucinda's vision of organic futurism.

Unparalleled Attention To Detail

A custom-designed vanity by Cosentino pairs seamlessly with Kohler fixtures. Vaughan pendants, luxurious accessories, and custom monogrammed towels by E. Braun & Co. New York add a touch of refinement and sophistication. Scott Eaton's Perpetual Now! video art offers a delightful surprise, blending seamlessly with Melt mirrors by Bower Studio and a unique rug installation by Stark Carpet. Innovative lighting is a hallmark of her design, evident in the Fiddlehead fixtures by Roll and Hill that mirror the delicate unfurling of fern leaves.

The Grand Aperture by Allied Makers echoes the graceful passage of light and the sun's shape, enhancing the space's ambience. Look closer and notice the detail in every custom piece, from the black piping on the bathroom vanity, alpaca drapery, and bench to the harmonious repetition of shapes and organic patterns on the rug, lighting, and art.

The dramatic reimaging has helped seamlessly repurpose the humble staircase as part of the home and given visitors ideas for crafting soulful interiors that stand the test of time, captivate the senses, and elevate the spirit. Loya's exceptionally high standards, innovative approach, and creative boundary-breaking have kept her in good stead for the past 30 years. Her unmistakable style has made her a leading figure in the interior design world who never disappoints.

LLI's work spans private homes, jets, yachts, commercial spaces, and professional sports facilities around the globe. Lucinda's style, which has also graced the pages of prestigious publications and hit TV shows, is currently turning her design prowess to several projects, including a villa in Cabo San Lucas, an expansive flat in the heart of NYC in Central Park Tower and a home in the Hamptons.

"I am truly honored to be a part of the Kips Bay Show House this year," said Lucinda. "Our design of the Grand Staircase and Powder Room celebrates the fusion of elegance and nature, providing an immersive experience that transports visitors into a realm of refined grandeur. We aimed to create spaces that tell stories while supporting the incredible mission of Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club."

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