Discover the Magic of Mayto: The World's First Astrological Park

Mayto in Costalegre, Mexico

Tourism and real estate innovation is about to reach new heights with a project that promises to redefine how people experience travel and spiritual connection. Imagine a place where modern architecture meets the ancient wisdom of astrology, offering an experience that goes beyond the conventional. This revolutionary development, located in the stunning region of Costalegre, in the quaint Mexican state of Jalisco, not only captures the essence of the cosmos but also invites visitors to embark on a journey of personal discovery and universal connection.

This ambitious project is known as Mayto, the world 's first astrological park. Founded by engineer Leo Jiménez, Mayto is a tribute to his mother Isabel Romero and reflects the dreams and talents of his family: the astrological talent of his sister, Sofía Jiménez, and the aviation expertise of his brother, pilot Marco Jiménez, have all been fundamental in creating this magical place.

Leo Jimenez

The 12 zodiac temples of Mayto, designed in collaboration with astrological experts and visionary creatives, are not only architectural marvels but also centers of rituals and experiences that capture the essence of each constellation. These temples offer a unique opportunity for each visitor to explore and connect with their zodiac sign in a way that has never been possible before.

Mayto pursues three fundamental objectives: preserving the natural environment through low-density infrastructure and the use of renewable energy, contributing to the well-being of the local community by providing education and job opportunities, and offering visitors an enriching astrological experience that promotes emotional and spiritual well-being. The project respects and protects the cultural and natural characteristics of the region, supporting local initiatives such as the turtle sanctuary and promoting local agriculture and fishing.

Virgo Tower Lobby

The park offers six unique outdoor experiences: the Nazar Tree for hanging wishes, the Artisan's Eye with monthly creations according to the zodiac sign, an astrological services center, the Gastronomic Eye with international dishes and zodiac cocktails, a fashion epicenter with seasonal fashion shows, and the Ocular Observatory for star-gazing guided by experts. Each zodiac temple includes specific amenities and activities, providing a personalized experience for each visitor.

Built in 2023, Mayto's airport guarantees a spectacular arrival, turning the flight into part of the vacation experience. Altogether, Mayto seeks to leave a legacy of personal well-being, spiritual connection, and sustainability, providing unique spaces for zodiac rituals and promoting personal growth and universal connection. This development redefines astrological and spiritual tourism while contributing to the development and well-being of the local community, making Mayto a truly singular destination.

Private Landing Strip

Mayto is much more than a premium real estate development in a unique destination; it is an immersive experience that combines the majesty of the cosmos with the splendor of the earth, inviting each visitor to embark on a journey of personal discovery and universal connection.

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