Meet The Trendsetters Behind Tulum´s Development Boom.

Rosa Azul is the latest eco-luxury property to be announced by leading Real Estate group RENCO Development and Nimbos Realty master broker.

Tulum´s unstoppable growth, fueled largely by its mythical status as a destination favored by the global fashion, entertainment and lifestyle elite and its relaxed-luxury atmosphere which blends natural wonders and first class amenities to perfection has become a race to build a legacy.

First time developers and amateur real estate investors have flocked to this exotic destination in the Mexican Caribbean with the hopes of becoming part of the local landscape, however, knowledgeable buyers who have already identified the area´s unparalleled potential choose to place their trust in experienced developers such as the RENCO Group, the company behind over a dozen ongoing projects in Tulum´s highest land value areas.

Supported by Nimbos Realty, a master broker with tremendous expertise and knowledge about the area, the minds behind these dreamlike developments have been part of the local scene for years, originally from Italy and with a passion for creating and bringing to life unique properties, the chief executives at RENCO Development have built a solid reputation for excellence within their market segment.

Their latest creation, Rosa Azul, is the third stage of the iconic “Las Rosas Condos” real estate development which includes 13 condos, hotels and private houses with first class amenities and eco-friendly touches such as solar panels in every unit, in keeping with Tulum´s pristine natural atmosphere.

Rosa Azul boasts chic finishings in distinct Mediterranean style with a perfect blend of locally sourced materials such as wood and stone

Rosa Azul is comprised of 16 apartments (1 and 2 bedroom), 4 of which have a private rooftop with jacuzzi and pool. Everything is perfectly balanced and each unit is fully equipped, furnished and includes air conditioning as well as other important amenities, making it an investor´s turnkey dream in the Mexican Caribbean.

Investors and homeowners from key global markets such as New York City, Los Angeles and select European cities have already turned their attention to these elite properties, as they represent the perfect purchasing option, including flexible payment plans and attractive returns based on the current timing this privileged location presents which virtually guarantees a steady rise in land and property value. Contact Nimbos Realty for further information on this A-grade development.

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