This Trendy Company Is Looking To Make Your Life Easier.

Music superstars and celebrity athletes like Meek Mill or James Harden are not that different from us normal folk. They also have cravings and can´t stand the thought of dropping what they´re doing and heading to the convenience store – that´s why they choose GoPuff.

The friendly and highly intuitive app that is turning the convenience store market upside down was founded by two college students who were tired of wasting time re-stocking their pantry and wanted to find a better way, today GoPuff has grown into a full blown tech company with a multitude of facilities, supplying up to 100 cities in America.

With a whopping 3000+ product selection and more being added every day, millennial consumers from college campuses to crowded office spaces have found a simple, yet powerful solution thanks to this innovative on-demand delivery app that has experienced fast paced growth in recent times.

The fact that GoPuff delivers products directly from a warehouse eliminates many of the logistical complications that would undoubtedly drive service prices up – so forget about surge prices and hidden rates.

Rafael and Yakir’s entrepreneurial efforts began when the two college students started sketching out the app that would ultimately become GoPuff and in true founder fashion, started out delivering products around campus using their old minivan to get the business going.

As the company started to grow, their efforts did not go unnoticed. The two were recognized in Forbes 2017 “30 Under 30” list for retail and e-commerce and were later named Target Magazine’s “Target Marketer of the Year.” GoPuff’s paramount marketing efforts have helped the company grow into the successful platform it is today.

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