Why Real Estate Investing Will Never Be The Same.

Buying a property is not an easy choice for millennials who value flexibility and convenience over tradition, but as technology progresses new platforms are fundamentally changing the way real estate investors and consumers make decisions.

Zumbly is leading the charge on innovative alternatives for turning property purchases into wealth generating strategies thanks to its powerful algorithm which instantly factors multiple data points and provides users with a curated selection of homes within a specific area or zip code that adapt to each user´s specific goals – thus improving their overall scope of opportunity and pointing them in the direction of properties that generate wealth instead of debt.

For Jeb Carty, one of the founders of Zumbly, accomplished real estate investor and online personality, a deep understanding of modern consumer mindset and a passion for creating solutions that cater to a more democratic marketplace has been the cornerstone of this venture from day one:

“Millennials don’t want to be chained to a 30 year note, millennials want be debt free and have the flexibility to do what they want.” -Carty affirms.

Offering both free and paid services, Zumbly provides a unique approach to the market as it permits consumers to view the entire market at scale. The site provides consumers with free calculations and Zumbly Home Scores, but those seeking further information can pay for the “Investor View” which offers additional features including finding properties with the highest price-to-rent ratio and gross rent multipliers.

Thanks to people like Jeb and their clear understanding of what a new breed of investors and homeowners are really looking for, it is safe to say that real estate investing will never be the same.

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