Florida Real Estate Mogul Baskal Korkis Bought His First Property At 19 Years Old And You Can Too

At just 14 years old, Baskal Korkis became obsessed with real estate. Following an epiphanous conversation at a family gathering with his uncle, Baskal learned a business model that would catapult him into the world of entrepreneurialism. Having discovered the concept of buying property to then own and rent out for a profit, Baskal redirected all of his efforts to saving money to purchase his first property.

Focusing solely on work and real estate with the goal of buying a property as soon as he could, Baskal found his passion. At 19, he completed his first real estate deal and by 23 years old, he owned 10 buildings.

“I barely slept, but I was doing everything I wanted to do,” Baskal says.
Today, at 34 years old, Baskal has built an empire. Having conquered real estate investments, he additionally owns businesses in accounting, insurance, and finance—each one specializing in real estate investing.

But after 20 years in the business, Baskal realized how few people know much about real estate or even their own personal finances. These days, while he’s focused on his own endeavors, Baskal now strives to share his knowledge with the world. The self-made entrepreneur cranks out daily posts via Instagram with tips on how to maximize finances and how-to videos on real estate construction.

After realizing the need for this type of education, Baskal hopes to give those the chance to learn for themselves for free. Now with the platform of his growing Instagram following, he’s sharing everything he’s learned over the years and encouraging his followers to make better decisions that will benefit them in the long run versus the short term.

“Everyone should educate themselves regarding their personal finances,” Baskal says. “Unfortunately, our current education system doesn’t offer this type of education. No one is going to help them but themselves and my goal is to teach people via social media for free.”
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