Elite Argentinian Players Call Polo Club Saint Tropez Home

Alshair Fiyaz’s renowned Polo Club Saint Tropez serves as the home base and training facility for many of the world’s leading athletes. Top players, such as Nicolas Pieres and Polito Pieres have taken advantage of the club’s world class facilities to further develop their skills on the field.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Alshair Fiyaz acquired Polo Club Saint Tropez, an established fixture among the community of Saint Tropez, in 2014 with a strong vision in mind: to transform the club into the most significant association in the South of France. Safe to say, Fiyaz far surpassed his original goal as the Polo Club Saint Tropez quickly became a booming polo club and leisure resort coveted by the most influential players in the world.

This past August, The Cote d’Azur Cup came to an end with the 10- and 18-goal finals at Saint Tropez Polo Club. Fourteen teams, split into two categories, had been in competition for the prestigious titles. This is the fifth consecutive season the club on the French Riviera has hosted 18-goal tournaments.

“We’ve turned the club into a world-class facility. Just this season we’ve hosted the prestigious British Polo Day and the elite Golden Wave Tournament. The job now is to keep finding ways to improve the club – which is why we continue to broaden its offering, sponsor sporting charities such as Laureus, and open up the facilities to local school children. It’s all about looking after our spectators, polo players and patrons, as well as giving back to our local community,” Fiyaz said.

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