Why Solar + Storage Is The New Sweeping Trend In Energy Consumption

In San Diego, California a visionary Marine Corps veteran and entrepreneur decided to design, create and launch a new and more effective alternative to power storage and consumption, providing homeowners with the ultimate hedge against grid reliance and power outages.

NeoVolta is a startup company that has quickly revolutionized the energy market by consolidating an innovative system that allows for up to 365 days of power storage, allowing solar energy users the possibility to reap the full array of benefits associated with clean, renewable power in a smarter way.

With a lower price point and superior capabilities, NeoVolta´s NV14 system has quickly left an indelible footprint in a growing market.

The NV14 product clocks in at 14.4 kilowatt-hours, Its inverter can charge or discharge 7.7 kilowatts of instantaneous power, also more than the mainstream competitors.

The product´s sleek and futuristic design has also attracted image conscious residential consumers, who look for high end performance while also maintaining and enhancing the overall look and feel of meticulously designed homes.

Another attractive benefit for homeowners is the possibility to access federal and state rebates available for individuals and families switching to home energy storage.

Elite property owners across the country are making the move to this cost effective and undeniably powerful solution, ushering a new era for energy consumption in America.

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