Urban Southwest Home Store Is A Hidden Treasure For Homeowners

In Phoenix, AZ one establishment has risen to prominence within the real estate and homeowner community for its delightful selection of unique products that enhance living spaces and inspire those lucky enough to acquire them.

For interior decoration aficionados and avid collectors alike, this quaint establishment offers the opportunity to transport them to a space unlike any other.

The vast and diverse selection of items available for sale is unparalleled in the region, and the people behind Urban Southwest are passionate about assisting their customers, and helping them find the ideal piece as they browse around the store.

Each room, like the tiny rustic kitchen with exposed brick and original concrete floor, provides a unique backdrop for Urban Southwest's eclectic mix of furnishings.

You can find a $6,000 hair-on-hide Western chaise lounge, a $3 drum, Persian pillows or a metal-wrapped glass vase all in the same store.

Giant European trellises, old Mexican doors and massive decorative iron gates dominate one room while delicate paper lotus lamps and bark wood purses grace another.

Each item could stand on its own as or be integrated into many different home styles.

For those who simply won´t settle for mass-produced furnishings, Urban Southwest is certainly an attractive choice.

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