ZENON: The Most Stunning, High Quality Timber Flooring On The Market

Zenon Ziekle started this flourishing business in 1997 as an independent importer to the UK for hardwood flooring.

Over the years the company has invested in its own headquarters, warehouses and machinery, and has blossomed into the booming world renowned flooring empire that it is today. ZENON takes pride in its ability to provide high quality products to discerning and bespoke clients.

As a family business at heart, ZENON has grown from a small manufacturing company in Northern Poland, to an international manufacturer and supplier that employs local, high skilled and dedicated workers.

ZENON is a top quality brand that uses only the very best state of the art machinery. When it comes to expanding their product range - ZENON never compromises on quality. Attention to detail, immaculate products and taking care of their staff are what this family orientated business is all about.

The company is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved. Meaning that all timber used in the company’s flooring is sourced from forests that meet the specific requirements and standards that are set out by the FSC, it also means that ZENON complies with the highest social and environmental standards on the market.

ZENON flooring is not only the best quality flooring on the market, but is also absolutely stunning. The company offers a wide range of timbers, colours, styles and finishes. Perfectly crafted to fit every person's tastes and desires.

During the COVID 19 crisis, ZENON has found an upturn in the industry as consumers are currently unable to travel, so are now looking to invest their money in improving their homes.

If you are looking to beautifully enhance your home, ZENON is the place to contact.

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