Home Repairs Earned You a Sore Back? Austin Based Chiropractor Dr. Matt Delgado Can Help

You were feeling excited after getting your tools out of the shed and digging into all those home repairs you had been putting off for a long time now, however as you were getting started you felt a sharp pain that immediately left you out of the game.

This is a common occurrence across America, particularly in Texas, where many homeowners have suffered minor injuries due to improper posture or excessive strain while working on home improvements. Fortunately, the experts at Lifespring Chiropractic in Austin have the solution to your ailments.

When was the last time you went in for a chiropractic adjustment? If you are like most people, chances are you have been “too busy” to take care of your spine and are now suffering the consequences. However, don´t let the pain discourage you, use it as a sign to take corrective action and share it with your loved ones to make sure they choose to go in for a preventive check up before it´s too late.

Dr. Matt Delgado shared a few key insights into the benefits of going in for an adjustment:

Please share with our readers what the main benefits of a chiropractic alignment are?

The benefits of seeing a chiropractor regularly include having a healthy spine, nervous system, and surrounding joints. This leads to a pain free high quality of life Aside from living with less pain, many people notice better movement, and better function of their body which translates to improved posture, better sleep, energy, and mood! A lot of times we live with pain and tension in our body because we have had it for years and believe that we just have to live that way! This is the furthest thing from the truth. We have the power to change our health at any age in life. The earlier we stack health habits in our favor, the better health we will have for life!

What are some of the illnesses or conditions that can be prevented by the treatments you provide?

While we do not claim to cure or treat any disease, we do see people heal or improve from many different types of conditions. Some of the most common things we see people benefit from include arthritis, degenerative disc disease, tendonitis, bursitis, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and scoliosis. Outside of the joints of the spine, we also see amazing results. This is because the spine and nervous system influences the health of the entire human body. As we improve its health, we see the body return to normal, optimal function. When this happens, symptoms of many kinds tend to disappear. Some of the conditions we see improve include autoimmune conditions, vertigo, tinnitus, ear infections, anxiety, and depression.

How often do you recommend visiting a chiropractor?

It depends! Everybody is different and therefore requires a different amount of frequency. Some of the things that affect treatment time include things like age, past traumas, occupation, stress levels, and exercise frequency. Traumas that contribute to longer treatment times include things like sports injuries, car accidents, falls, broken bones, etc. Other things that we take into account include how someone spends most of their time. If they work at a tech job in front of a computer, and have little motion in their daily routine, they typically need more treatment. High stress levels impact our health by adding tension in our muscles and surrounding joints, which typically results in longer treatment times. When it comes to age, the younger someone is, the quicker they usually respond to chiropractic and the less treatment is needed. This is why we recommend getting an evaluation earlier in life.

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