Mr. Richard Crighton and How Las Vegas Real Estate was Never The Same

Sin City is home to those who make big bets and take risks. The trendsetters, the tastemakers and the ones with a taste for the spectacular.

Richard Crighton is such a man, as someone who knows Rich in his own environment, I´ve found that sometimes the most successful people are also the most authentic and down to earth.

Achievement doesn´t come easy, and no success story is free from challenges and setbacks, his story is no different. Before becoming a prominent Las Vegas socialite and entrepreneur, Richard was the youngest person in Nevada to open a real estate brokerage – The Rothwell Gornt Companies – when he was only twenty years old.

In the years that have passed, Richard, along with his brother Ryan and their stellar team have accomplished multiple milestones which include over half a billion dollars in real estate transactions, completed single transactions exceeding twenty million and the successful acquisition of multiple properties all around Sin City, all the while, sharing the table with celebrities and billionaires, enjoying private opera concerts during impromptu getaways to European capitals and never forgetting to make time for family and friends.

In order to better understand his mindset, we need to take a deep look at the person behind the public figure.

Examining not only the success of his professional track record, but also the selflessness of his actions. During the COVID-19 crisis, Crighton and a group of close friends implemented a series of initiatives aimed at helping local businesses weather the storm and people were profoundly grateful. This is what makes me love and respect him, way beyond his social standing, Richard´s calling card in humility and a big heart.

Since then, he has launched a popular podcast and the YouTube channel “Super Vegas Life” in which he shares some of his adventures with the audience and provides a behind the scenes look at his life.

Thanks to Crighton, who once sold one of his businesses to boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, the standard of success in Vegas real estate has changed. More recently Richard made a difficult choice: moving out of his mansion and only keeping a couple of suitcases worth of belongings in order to explore deep and meaningful human connections while traveling the world and enjoying its sights and sounds.

From Istanbul to London to Israel, Rich (as his friends call him) always cherishes the people he meets and the marks that those encounters leave impressed upon his being, becoming living proof that there is certainly life after massive success.

He recently granted us an interview in which he shares some of his insights and experiences:

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?

There is no such thing as “easy money”. Here is the truth... if you want a better life and you’re sitting on the couch... you don’t want it bad enough. Get up. Work hard. Save and invest your money and create the life you dream about. If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will.

Name the deal that took you to the next level.

Selling Vantage Lofts for 10 million dollars was a big deal. Considered one of the greatest real estate flips in Las Vegas.

How do you identify promising business opportunities?

I buy low and I sell high. I’m a simple man.

Share with us one failure that you learned a lot from.

During the 2007 period real estate crash... everyone at my office was suffering. I was the main money earner. Even though I was the only one with a wife and kids I decided to share my earnings among all the people that worked for me. I even did meal prep for them so they had good food. This period took a very hard toll on me mentally. But it is only when you are forced to deal with hard times you find out what type of person you are.

How did you make a comeback after facing adversity?

I am unstoppable.

Written by Keiffer Sheperd in partnership with Elite Property News ©2022

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