Jacqueline Lennon Reveals Hidden Gems in the South Orange County Housing Market

Jacqueline Lennon, a top producer in South Orange County, shares with us the allure of South Orange County's thriving housing market, offering breathtaking ocean views, luxurious homes, and a prime location for property investment.

The housing market in South Orange County has been growing increasingly popular among entrepreneurs, small business owners, and land investors. With breathtaking ocean views and luxurious homes, South Orange County offers a unique combination of coastal living and unparalleled comfort, which means this location fits a wide range of lifestyle needs.

Jaqcueline Lennon shares with us, "The uniqueness of South Orange County lies in the fact that areas such as Dana Point, San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano all offer magnificent coastal homes, but each city provides a distinct lifestyle."

Dana Point is well-known for its restaurants, shops and the harbor, a landmark undergoing a $400-million renovation, San Clemente for its beaches, the pier and the old town district with boutiques, wine bars and restaurants, and San Juan Capistrano for its history and culture, the Los Rios district, the mission and which includes the unique blend of contemporary, modern luxury, infused with colonial architecture.

The Sea To Canyon process for helping clients find their property starts with matching lifestyle needs and wants to ensure the best matches for clients.

Although there is a high demand for properties in the area, there are still several opportunities for investors to buy homes at a reasonable price and renovate them with the latest home designs.

Jacqueline Lennon sees purchasing and remodeling a property as the new South Orange County housing market trend. Moreover, buying a home in Orange County is an excellent choice for property investors as they can expect a high return on investment (ROI) when they decide to sell. With increased demand and property renovations, it is evident that South Orange County is a conducive market for property investment.

Luxury real estate in South Orange County is becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for upscale homes.

The area offers an exclusive lifestyle, access to top-rated schools, accessible beaches and beach trolleys. This wide span of lifestyle options is why South Orange County is undeniably becoming a hub for luxury real estate.

What we learn from Jacqueline, who has an intimate knowledge of each neighborhood in South Orange County, is how vast and diverse it is, with many properties to choose from.

However, some property buyers, especially foreign investors, may find buying homes in the area overwhelming and intimidating.

Jacqueline and her team at Sea to Canyon offer a personalized touch to homebuyers or investors who may not be able to visit the area.

“By using technology like FaceTime, I have found a powerful way to help my clients in their property search. Through virtual tours, I can walk them through not only the houses but also the surrounding communities. This enables them to gauge whether the property aligns with the lifestyle they desire.” says Jaqueline

“As a Real Estate Broker with over 20 years experience and a wide interest in all of South Orange County, I know the communities very well.”

The South Orange County housing market offers prime locations, renovation opportunities, property investment, luxury real estate, and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. With the expert help of Jacqueline Lennon and her team of real estate experts, investing in South Orange County properties is now more comfortable than ever.

“South Orange County is my home and the place I raised my children. I have seen all the developments and beauty this place offers. More importantly I know exactly which areas are best for families, young couples, seniors, etc. to find the home they desire with the lifestyle they want.” says Jacqueline Lennon

Whether looking for a beachfront condominium, a luxurious estate, or a highly-profitable investment, the Sea to Canyon team can help you quickly locate and acquire properties.


With over 300 completed transactions over the last 20 years, Jacqueline Lennon is among the most experienced real estate Brokers in the area, specializing in residential listings as well as estates, probates and trusts.


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