Bottega Ghianda’s Reimagined Gaetano Pesce Bookcase Arrives in Promemoria’s New York Showroom

Luxury furniture company, Promemoria has unveiled the “Luigi (o mi amate voi)” — a stunning and alluring bookcase that amalgamates the creative genius of Gaetano Pesce and Italian workshop, Bottega Ghianda. While Pesce is renowned in the design world for his experimental yet politically charged creations, Bottega Ghianda is a more up-and-coming name that’s been expressing its excellence in furniture design and woodwork.

The “Luigi (o mi amate voi)” bookcase is modeled after an out-of-production bookcase that Pesce first created in the ‘80s. This story began when Bottega Ghianda’s founder, Romeo Sozzi happened to come across the rare piece sometime last year and managed to acquire Pesce’s permission before he embarked on creating a new version of the bookcase.

Combining polyurethane resin – Pesce’s go-to material – with a black-stained beechwood structure, the resulting bookcase is further elevated with pops of colors and integrated LED lights. Standing 7 feet tall, “Luigi (o mi amate voi)” is a modular unit with folding shelves that come in three varying widths. It’s not merely a bookcase, but a multi-purpose showpiece that doubles as lighting, backdrop, and artistic decor. While the resulting piece still exudes the original’s raw beauty, it’s elevated with precision, creativity, and modern engineering.

Formerly only viewable at Bottega Ghianda’s Milan space, the bookcase is currently being displayed at Promemoria’s New York Showroom. For more information, visit the company’s official website.
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