ALFI Foundation: A Mission To Change The World

In the words of Winston Churchill, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Following in the footsteps of philanthropic leaders of the past, business mogul and humanitarian Alshair Fiyaz paves the way for transformational social change. Driven by a philosophy of inspiring and investing in the human spirit, Fiyaz founded the ALFI Foundation, a charitable organization that has supported the endeavors of making our world a better place since its incorporation in 2017.

For years, Fiyaz invested in a range of projects designed specifically to support the development of under-privileged individuals, communities and wildlife, and to empower social mobility, disregarding international borders and other ethnic and cultural boundaries. The ALFI Foundation believes in supporting organizations determined to influence positive change for current and future generations. Taking an entrepreneurial and multi-faceted approach to philanthropy, The ALFI Foundation considers projects and initiatives that are both positive and pragmatic.

The ALFI Foundation covers a wide spectrum of charitable efforts, including educational reform, eradication of disease and even providing emergency shelter when an unexpected disaster strikes.

Fiyaz believes the power of education is vital to steering deprived communities away from extremism and towards building a constructive, more prosperous local economy. In Lebanon, Fiyaz supported a pilot project concentrating resources on computer-science education in Beirut’s Palestinian refugee camps. He opened a training center in the city catering for children of 14 and under, as well as adults seeking to acquire basic computer knowledge, in the hope of creating new job opportunities. He provided funds to girl and boys’ school projects in Pinsk, Belarus, aiding the work of Rabbi Jacobs of London’s Central Synagogue and eventually helping graduates find real success as many have gone on to attend universities abroad. The ALFI Foundation has helped single-parent families in India send their children to school instead of work, marshalling funds for private tuition for students, regardless of their ability. The Foundation has also provided funds for secondary students in Cambodia, many of whom struggle to afford basic educational necessities such as books and uniform, which has, in turn, allowed new cohorts of students to thrive and graduate.

Fiyaz recently partnered with UNICEF to spearhead the eradication of Polio in his native country of Pakistan. The ALFI Foundation’s financial support will help UNICEF realize its ambition of reaching every child with vaccines, strengthening surveillance on the disease, and maintaining technical and medical support for prevention. In addition to his efforts combatting Polio, Fiyaz is also fighting AIDS in Malawi. Half of the population of Malawi live below the poverty line, and with 10% of the country’s inhabitants testing HIV-positive, economic difficulties make tackling AIDS even more of a challenge. The ALFI Foundation has supported the New York-based “Face-to-Face Project”, which does vital work to raise awareness of health issues and reduce social stigma in Malawi, as well as fostering comprehensive organic farming methods to protect the environment and supporting community service projects to foster youth development.

The ALFI Foundation’s philanthropic efforts do not stop with planned initiatives; the organization is there when disaster strikes. Fiyaz recently supported the emergency distribution of 16,000 corrugated sheets to provide temporary winter shelter to 1,600 families suffering from the destruction of their homes by earthquakes in the Azad area of Kashmir, Pakistan. The aid allowed for short-term emergency accommodation, as well as long-term planning for permanent multiple-housing projects for families still living in camps.

Exemplified not only by his philanthropic endeavours, but also by his business ventures, such as the sustainable model community of Bellakvarter, Copenhagen, Fiyaz has built a notable reputation for forward-thinking leadership and humanitarian compassion.

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