Ari Rastegar Has A Mission Beyond Real Estate

Every man has the ability to commandeer his own fate, and for someone like Texas based real estate mogul Ari Rastegar this means making tough choices that ultimately lead to personal and professional excellence.

From a young age, Ari had big dreams of making a mark and helping shape communities through real estate development, finance and a pursuit of personal integration – he discovered after working on Wall Street that without proper balance and discipline life can feel very different and for the young entrepreneur living with anxiety and exhaustion simply wasn´t an option.

So he went to work, like he always had, and made a choice to design his dream life by focusing on balancing his own personal skills, ambitions and talents with the right elements to achieve peak performance – nutrition, meditation, exercise and a deep love for his family have been the fuel that has propelled Mr. Rastegar to unparalleled levels of business success while remaining happy and enjoying every minute of his life.

Ari has spoken in detail about the regimen he follows to accomplish this elevated lifestyle, but he has also credited his wife and children as the main motivators behind his uncompromising personal and professional leadership style.

When it comes to his work, Ari has made a name for himself both as a top entertainment attorney (during earlier times of his career) and most recently as a prolific strategic investor that is committed to providing cities like Dallas and Phoenix with unrivaled real estate projects that will set the pace for urban development in modern America for the years to come.

A vivid example is one of the latest properties acquired by his multimillion dollar diversified portfolio firm, Rastegar Property Company, in the heart of Dallas. Located in the up-scale McKinney Avenue, the exclusive space at 1899 will become one of the new landmarks of a city that is constantly reinventing itself.

“As a child growing up, my dream was to build a part of the Dallas skyline. I actually said that when I was 12 years old,” he laughs. “Now, my three favorite cities for commercial real estate investing are Dallas, Austin and Phoenix.” Mr. Rastegar states.

1899 McKinney Ave. will be the home of a stellar new multi-family development that will provide buyers access to a wide array of amenities but will also feature impactful architecture and top of the line building standards, which Ari believes make a big difference and help foster a deeper pride of ownership sensation and benefit the end user.

Ari Rastegar is living proof that anything can be achieved with vision, pragmatism and a clear set of priorities – and like the English poet William Ernest Henley memorialized in his timeless poem “Invictus”, Mr. Rastegar can honestly say he is the “master of his fate, captain of his soul”.

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