Fort Wayne Property Brought to Life by Art Home Photo’s Masterful Creativity

In real estate, selling a property isn’t just about a location or how the house looks. The essence of the property needs to be captured. No company does that better than Art Home Photo, a reputable Northeast Indiana photography company that allows properties to shine with through professional photography. These photos aren't just of walls and floors; they tell the house's story, making it more than just a building.

For instance, 17110 Coldwater Road, Huntertown, IN 46748, brought to the market by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group. This stunning property could be just another house on sale in Northeast Indiana. But with Art Home Photo at the helm of its visual narrative, they make the property special.

Art Home Photo has a unique way of showing what's special about a home. The Huntertown home, built in 2004, is a beautifully designed property sitting on 10 acres of land. The photos taken by the company show the detailed woodwork, beautiful hardwood floors and the modern kitchen with everything a cook could wish for, including two dishwashers.

But there's more to Art Home Photo than just taking pictures of rooms. They capture the feel of a property. When you look at the photos of the main bedroom with a fireplace or the bathroom with a fancy tub and heated tiles, you don't just see rooms. You can imagine chilling there, feeling cozy and pampered. The photos of the dining room, the library and the big garage show more than just space; it's about the memories people will make there.

A unique spin on the advertisement of the Coldwater Road property is brought to you by the minds of Coldwell Banker, the videography of Art Home Photo and the voice of Keegan Ferrell. With shots from the house throughout, Farrell — who appeared in NBC’s The Voice — sings a remix of John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” while Art Home Photo captures the beautiful essence of the Coldwater Road home.

And there's more! The outdoor photos are where the magic happens. The upstairs porch and the downstairs patio are not just for show. Through Art Home Photo's camera, they become unique spots where you can relax and enjoy nature. Imagine spending time there, just thinking or chatting with family and friends.

A property, like the one on Coldwater Road, gives the vibe this home is where life happens, rather than just being a mundane living space. It's about family dinners in a big kitchen, movie nights in a special room and mornings in a sunny library. That's the story Art Home Photo tells with its pictures. The brand’s work is telling a story above all else.

It's easy for a property to be lost in the crowd in a competitive real estate industry, where every listing strives for attention, but with the unparalleled skills of Art Home Photo, every house gets its moment in the limelight. Every potential buyer gets a glimpse into what life could be like, making them want to buy the property with their minds and hearts.

For those on the hunt for their next home or investment, the house on Coldwater Road, brought alive by Art Home Photo, awaits. A journey through the property, both virtually and in person, promises to be nothing short of magical. After all, when great photography meets a great home, it's a winning combination.

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