From North Carolina to Atlanta: How April McCollum Is Making a Name for Herself in the Real Estate Industry

Classic cars and real estate aren't typically two phrases that go hand-in-hand. You'd be forgiven for separating the stylish thrills of an old-school motor from signing the dotted line on a new home. But April McCollum, recognized to be one of's top real estate clients for buyers of leads in North Carolina, uses a throwback experience to put the throttle down on everyday transactions.

McCollum's Atlanta, GA, base is fertile ground for the innovative endeavor. Cities in the American South have rapidly growing populations with more sophisticated tastes. So McCollum specifically designed an experience she knew would appeal to them and lead to productive conversations.

"All real estate agents dress the same and drive the same cars," she says. "I want to be different. A classic car driving down the road turns heads on its own, let alone when driven by a female."

A motor to match

Conventional brokers drive a Range Rover or perhaps a Mercedes. McCollum has a Cadillac, which she openly flaunts to potential clients. Her calculation? The people of Atlanta love high-value experiences, and so does she.

The Cadillac, which dates back to 1965, is as much a perk for her clients as it is a marketing strategy. Cold calling just isn't fashionable. Being driven to your dream condo in a classic car, however? Certifiably stylish.

It's not just a gimmick; it's a total experience. McCollum downloads her clients' favorite songs to provide the perfect soundtrack to their house hunt. Punctuating each side of viewings with a laid-back ride can make potential buyers and sellers feel at ease, in a more confident and assured mindset.

But the car comes alive as an eye drawer for new prospects. McCollum's relationships with local valets harmonize with the striking visual of her Cadillac parked out front at top restaurants and organically drawing clients in. They'll find her at the bar with a rare bottle of fine wine waiting.

Revving up the real

When they begin to talk property, the car drifts to the back of their mind, and McCollum's personality fills the space. Cadillac or not, her approach is always to get on the client's level, with help from her intricate grasp of North Carolina and Atlanta communities.

Because, ultimately, real estate is sales. If McCollum can prove she can offer more than just a plot of land, she can empower her to make a change they never considered. Her vintage automobile is only part of her broader rise to success. Attention to detail, an eye for opportunity and a distinctive fashion sense are all equal gears in the engine.

Tomorrow's tyres

"The Cadillac is just the beginning," McCollum remarks. "I plan on purchasing an entire fleet, with a 60s Corvette, for example. The client could pick whatever older car they want to ride in."

"Having been in the wine industry on a five-star level, I try to think of what would impress me," she continues. "Going into a garage and choosing a different classic car each day, who would ever come up with that?"

McCollum's remarkably idiosyncratic methods back up her dedication to becoming a household name from North Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia. While the cultures and property markets of those states differ significantly, the wine entrepreneur-turned-agent has been adaptable throughout her career and doesn't plan on stopping now. So kick your seat back, grab a glass, and roll up to your next home.

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